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  • Fox2Now

    The retail industry is already undergoing cataclysmic changes, with about 3,300 store closings announced so far this year, according to Fung Global Retail & Technology, a retail think tank.

  • Business Insider

    Zara, once a fast-fashion pioneer that brought new styles to its shelves quickly, has been knocked off its perch by online brands that are able to design a product and have it ready for sale in as little as a week, according to a new research report by Fung Global Retail & Technology.

  • The Street

    So far in May, announced store closings are nearly twice that of this time last year, while announced openings are up 20%, according to new data from global think tank Fun Global Retail & Technology. Overall, closings have been announced for 3,296 stores this year, up a disturbing 97% year-over-year. Most of the shuttered stores have come from the department and specialty store categories.

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