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We help brands, investors, retailers and associated businesses define the future with our research, analysis, thought leadership and advisory services.


As the think tank and knowledge bank for the Fung Group and a global roster of clients, our international team of analysts produces industry-leading research and insights. Our publications range from daily updates on industry trends and events to data-rich analytical reports on disruptors. Topic areas are broad and deep, spanning the Internet of Things and the world of wearables, luxury and fashion trends, omni-channel retail, and the influence of silvers and millennials, among others. Mine our knowledge to help your team spark informed ideas.


We build collaborative communities, connecting industry leaders, rising stars in retail and technology, and startups.


We ensure future-focused thinking by offering an early look at tomorrow’s disruptors, highlighting the most promising, industry-forward businesses around the globe through startup-curation programs and events. Learn more about our collaborative communities here.


We share the know-how needed to fuel innovation and drive growth, specializing in results-driven go-to-market strategies and product launches.


We identify trends and challenges before they happen, tapping our access to industry thought leaders, innovators, technologists and entrepreneurs. This allows us to continuously hone our expertise, which we share through events, webinars and bespoke advisory services.



With offices in the retail and technology hubs of New York, London and Hong Kong, our team of more than 20 award-winning analysts and researchers delivers a truly global view of the industry.


Our team members bring deep experience in the retail, technology, investment and startup worlds, and are all dedicated to finding smart, creative ways to drive growth at the intersection of retail and technology.

  • Deborah Weinswig
    Deborah Weinswig Managing Director

Deborah Weinswig is the CEO and Founder of Coresight Research, formerly Fung Global Retail & Technology. An award-winning global retail analyst and a specialist in retail innovation and technology, she is responsible for building the team’s research capabilities and providing insights into the disruptive technologies reshaping today’s global retail landscape. Her in-depth knowledge and understanding of global retail and emerging technology trends were fostered through her previous experience, which included serving as Head of the Global Staples & Consumer Discretionary Team at Citi Research, where she worked for nearly 12 years.

Ms. Weinswig was consistently ranked among the top analysts in her field by publications such as Institutional Investor, where she was ranked #1 for nine years, and by publishers StarMine and Business Insider, which named her one of Wall Street’s top 36 analysts in 2012. Also in 2012, she received the Researcher Award for Outstanding Service from the International Council of Shopping Centers. She is frequently quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Barron’s, and is a regular guest on CNBC. Before her time at Citi, she held senior research positions at Bear Stearns and Morgan Stanley.

An advocate for innovation, creativity and the implementation of efficient technologies in the retail sector, Ms. Weinswig has helped US startups develop and implement retail technology systems and strategies, some of which have been adopted by top-tier national retailers.

Ms. Weinswig also serves as a mentor to Silicon Valley accelerators, including Alchemist Accelerator, Plug and Play and Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator. She sits on the advisory boards of several early-stage companies in both the US and Hong Kong. She is a Certified Public Accountant, and holds an MBA from the University of Chicago. Ms. Weinswig also serves on the boards of many philanthropic organizations, including Dignity U Wear.

Research Heads

  • John Harmon
    John Harmon Senior Analyst — 
    New York
  • John Mercer
    John Mercer Senior Analyst —
    KIRIL POPOV Senior Analyst —
    Hong Kong